STEWARDSHIP WORKSHOP with Roger Janes at Chipman United Church.
Rev. Roger Janes, Stewardship & Gifts, Atlantic Region – is flying in from Newfoundland to be with us. Roger, a consummate storyteller, is offering a workshop on Saturday, Sept 8, 10:30-12:30 at Chipman United Church with lunch to follow.
You and your pastoral charge: members, adherents, stewards, Treasurers, anyone interested in the well-being of your church have been extended an invitation. Please RSVP by email <>, phone 339-6827 so we can get the lunch details in order.
The workshop is called: “Stewardship Best Practices – How to Grow Stewardship and Increase Giving.” Rev Janes will be preaching on Sunday, Sept 9, 11:00 am at our celebration of Grandparents/ Elders Sunday – bring your grandchildren, greats and family !