St James and St John United Church
November 14, 2021




Open wide the doorways of our sanctuary!
May the king of glory come into our midst.
Who is this king of glory?
This king of glory is our Savior Jesus Christ.
Open the doors of our hearts to receive Jesus Christ.
May our spirits and our hearts receive
His blessing now and forever. AMEN.

“Spirit Open My Heart”

Lord, we bow our hearts before you this day.
Strengthen us in our innermost being
and dwell in our hearts through faith.
May we be rooted and grounded in Christ,
whose love is beyond all knowledge.
Help us comprehend even the smallest part
of the beautiful mystery of your grace.
We pray that we may experience the fullness
of your presence with us today and everyday. Amen.


Ephesians 3:14-21
“Time to Recharge Your Batteries”

Mighty and all-knowing God who sees us as we are and as we might be: What offering can we give that will bring You joy? We have brought our offering this morning so that You might dedicate them to the work of caring and compassion in our neighborhoods, in our nations, and throughout the world. Yet all the money we have can’t accomplish what you can make happen if we simply let Christ dwell in our hearts – not for an hour on Sundays but every hour of every day. This is the offering we dedicate this day. In Christ, our redeemer, we pray. Amen.

May you know the richness and fullness
of God’s grace.
May you experience every dimension
of the love of Christ.
May the Spirit dwell within you through faith.
May God, whose power works within us
to accomplish more than we could ask
or imagine or comprehend,
be with you forever and ever! Amen.

“May the God of Hope”

Positive Quote of the Week
“Sometimes the best way to recharge our batteries, is to unplug them”.
Author unknown
This Weeks Worship Participants
Music Ministry United Harmony
Greeters Alice & Carl Farris
Counter Darryl & Melanie Shaddick
Sound Tec David Watling

Our Church News

CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING – There will be a meeting for the Church Council this Thursday, November 18th, at the Centre. The teams meet at 7 PM followed by the Council Meeting at 7:3p PM.
SALVATION ARMY CHRISTMAS HAMPER PROJECT – The Outreach Team is once again seeking your assistance with the Salvation Army Christmas Hamper Project. Due to the continued Covid 19 Pandemic, we have decided to request a monetary donation or gift cards for groceries again this year in lieu of filling the Hampers. A member of the Outreach Team will deliver the donations to the Salvation Army who will provide registered families with a turkey and food for Christmas Dinner, as well as other supplies for the holidays. It would be greatly appreciated if you could please put your donation in an envelope marked “Outreach Team (Christmas Hampers)” and put it on the offering plate or drop it at the Center in the mail slot or at the office by the end of November. We THANK YOU for your continued generosity and support for helping others each year.
SALVATION ARMY KETTLES – The Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to assist with the Kettle project between Nov. 18th – Dec. 24th. If you are able to lend a hand, please call the Salvation Army at 622-7826.

FALL SUPPER – The supper was a huge success again this year! Many thanks and much appreciation to the many volunteers who contributed to its success. Due to the efforts of so many, we realized a profit of $4,891.81! A job well done!
ADVENT BIBLE STUDY – The Advent Bible Study will begin on Tuesday, November 23, at 7 PM, via Zoom.