St James and St John United Church
March 6 2022




We are so easily scared, we are so often afraid.
We stumble and worry when we cannot see.
Lord be my eyes as I walk in the darkness,
be my lamp to shine even in times of hopelessness.
We are confident that we know better, that we know best.
But we are so easily lost and overwhelmed.
Lord teach me to put my burdens at Your cross,
to pick up the easy yoke of Your son.
We are proud of all that we are and all that we have accomplished as if it had not come from You.
Lord teach me to be humble so I may keep
and treasure the gifts of Your eternal Kingdom.
We are restless to do what is right but so often we go about it the wrong way and cause more confusion.
Lord, You are the solution that we seek
but even when we know that, we quickly forget.
Help us to want You more than anything else. Amen.

“I Will Celebrate”

God of miracles, Lord of all creation, we turn our eyes to You to dwell in the peace that is Your son, Jesus.
We yearn for peace and we desire what is good.
But so often we try to succeed without You.
Why are we surprised then, when we fail and stumble?
We come from all walks of life with
different problems and struggles.
But we are united by our desire to meet You,
to know You, to live our lives for You.
Guide us in Your wisdom to want You more than all else.
Teach us Your word that we may live in the joy,
You have imagined. Amen.

Romans 8:37-39

The certainty we need



“Somebody Touched Me”

Loving Christ, God of wonders,
God of miracles, fill our mind with your word,
so that we may live in the joy that you have envisioned.
Teach us endurance so we may choose
Your peace even in times of hardship.
Teach us perseverance, so we may not be daunted to
make an effort to find Your infinite peace.
Help us to use Your word as a weapon against hardships. Guide us to use Your word as
a reply to the taunts of the enemy.
Help our helplessness so we may stand
on the reality of Your promises.
We praise You, our God that not one word,
letter or comma will be lost
from the words You have spoken to us. Amen.


“Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah”



Worship Participants
Music Ministry: United Harmony & Kimberley
Greeter: Gwen Geikie
Sound Tec: David Watling

Our Church News

BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING – There will be a Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday, March 15th, at 2 PM, at the Church Centre.

CHILI TAKE-OUT SUPPER – We are having a Chili Take-out Supper on Saturday, March 26th, from 4-5 PM. The menu consists of Chili, a roll and homemade Cinnamon cake. Tickets will be pre-sold only and available at the Church Office, Dickison’s Pharmasave and Brookdale Flower Shop. Pick up will be at the front doors at the Church Centre; simply drive up and someone will deliver your meals to your vehicle.

LENTEN BIBLE STUDY – Rev. Alice will begin an online Lenten Bible study on Zoom, starting Tuesday, March 8th, at 7 PM. These studies are very meaningful and help us mature in faith and grow spiritually. All are welcome to join 😊

SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES – We are happy to announce that Sunday School classes will resume on March 20th! We are exited to begin Sunday School but we do need your support. We are seeking people to help teach at least once a month. Please prayerfully consider lending a hand to this vital program. Please contact Kimberley for more info.