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March 1, 2020

Our Lenten Journey begins…


Minister: Rev. Alice Szemők
Music Ministry
Nancy Russell Greeters
Tony & Chris Sturgeon
Carl & Alice Farris Sound Support
Earle Howe & David Watling

“There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.”
C.S. Lewis

Today’s Service
(* Indicates when to stand, if you are able.)

Open our ears
to hear your word.
Open our eyes
to see your presence.
Open our arms
to the embrace of community.
Open our minds
to the beauty of truth.
Open our hearts
to the joy of new life.

*INTROIT #182 “Stay With Us Through the Night”


ANTHEM “Ashes”


Genesis 3:1-13
Matthew 4:1-11

* HYMN #766 “As the Deer”

SERMON ‘Temptation’


*OFFERING HYMN #540 “Grant us God”

God, we can’t see the future, but we know that you are going to take care of us. We have faith that when we need help, it will come. And that when others need help, we will serve. Please use our gifts today to help us serve others. Amen.
We recognize and bless the gifts brought to the table, and those which wing their way electronically from our banks to the church’s account.


*CLOSING HYMN #117 “Jesus Christ is Waiting”

Upcoming This Week
Day Time Service/Event
Sunday 9:00 AM Worship Service at Maple Glen
10:30 AM Chat & Coffee at St. James & St. John
11:00 AM Worship service at St. James & St. John
Tuesday 6:30 PM
7:00 PM Fellowship before Lenten Bible Study
Lenten Bible Study/Membership Classes at the church
Wednesday 7:00 PM Board of Trustees meeting at the Centre
Thursday 12:00 PM Chat & Coffee at the Centre
7:00 PM Lenten Choir Practice

What’s Up at St. J&J?

JANITORIAL POSITION – We are now accepting proposals for the janitor position of the church and Center. All interested candidates must submit their proposals to the church office by March 12th for consideration.

LENTEN OFFERING FOLDER – The Lenten offering folder you received this morning is a way for our members to set aside a little offering each week during the Lenten season, leading up to Easter. On Easter morning you may place your folder on the offering plate or drop it off at the Church office. These small endeavors make a difference in the work of the church and your support is greatly appreciated.

LENTEN CHOIR – Do you like to sing? We would love to have you join our Lenten Choir. Practices will be held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM at the church. All musical selections are singer friendly.

LENTEN BIBLE STUDY/MEMBERSHIP CLASSES –Lenten Bible study will begin this Tuesday, March 3 at the church as the study will be presented through a series of videos. Fellowship will be at 6:30 PM and the study will begin at 7:00 PM. Bible study will be combined with Membership classes for those who may be interested in becoming members of the church. All are welcome to attend.

DESSERT THEATER – The St. J & J Drama Troupe will be presenting it’s first ever murder mystery, dessert theater, “Fatal Carnival”. Show times are March 27, 28, & 29th, at 7:00 PM at the church center. Tickets are $15; available at the Church Center, Park Place, Brookdale Flower Shop & Divine MediSpa (former Information Center in Chatham).

What’s Up in the Community?

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER SERVICE – A World Day of Prayer service will take place at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church on March 6th, at 7:00 PM. This year’s service was written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of Zimbabwe. The theme is “Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk”. Our Outreach Team will also take part in this service; all are welcome.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER SERVICE – A service is also being offered at St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church in Chelmsford, on March 6th, at 2:00 PM (storm date, March 7th, at 2:00 PM). Lunch and fellowship will follow the service; everyone welcome.

WOMEN’S TRANSITION HOUSE – The Transition House is in need of toiletries (shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.). If you can help it would be greatly appreciated; please put the items on the back table in the church.

ST. PATRICK’S ROAST BEEF SUPPER – A supper will be held at St. Andrew’s United Church, on Tuesday, March 10th, at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $15.00 and will be pre-sold. Supper will include Roast Beef, potatoes, turnip, carrots, gravy, tea/coffee and assorted pies. To purchase tickets please call Karen 773-9932 or stop into the church office.