St James and St John United Church

June 27, 2021




Loving God, we thank You for Your love for us.
You formed and knit us together with so much love
and You remain faithful to us no matter what.
Your care has followed us our whole life long.
All we are and all we have, we owe to you,
and so on this Father’s Day,
we lift our hearts, our hands and voices,
to give You all the glory, and honor You deserve.

OPENING HYMN “Come to My Heart”

OPENING PRAYER Connie MacRae (Video)

Luke 18:18-30
Acts 5:1-11

MESSAGE The Life of the Church After Pentecost Part IV



SPECIAL MUSIC “Turn the Water into Wine”
Jo Ann Lynch

DEDICATION Diane Forrest (Video)


CLOSING HYMN “Seek Ye First”


Positive Quotes of the Week

“I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning
over again with the summer”.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Music Ministry Nancy Russell
Greeters Ian & Karen Sobey
Counter Grace LeFloch
Sound Tec. David Watling





Our Church News

LONG-RANGE PLANNING TEAM MEETING – The Long-Range Planning Team met this past Thursday and schedule a meeting date of August 17th to see where NB is at with regard to the lifting of all COVID restrictions. If all restrictions are lifted, we will discuss plans for a possible celebration at the church with the congregation and Sunday School. More information will follow at that time.

LOBSTER SUPPER TAKE-OUT – The Lobster Supper was a tremendous success; thanks to Stan, Carl, Michelle and Charlene for organizing this event. We realized a profit of $5, 736.56. Many thanks to all who contributed their time and purchased tickets for the supper. A special thank you is extended to Les & Barbara Froment for their kind and generous donation. Great job everyone!
NEW LIVESTREAMING EQUIPMENT – We have received the money to purchase new equipment for livestreaming our services. This donation was given to the church by a couple in our congregation who wished to remain anonymous. We thank them for this extremely generous donation, which will allow us to enhance our services for our members and all who join us. Many thanks for your support!

PRINCE PLACE DONATIONS – Our sincere appreciation is extended to an anonymous donor from the congregation who is installing a beautiful 27-foot, white aluminum fence between Prince Place and the Centre. This addition will certainly enhance our buildings and address safety concerns.
Another member of the congregation, who also wishes to remain anonymous, has donated a couple of benches to Prince Place, allowing the tenants a place to sit and relax and enjoy the outdoors.
Thank you to the generosity of our members; you are truly appreciated!

REV. ALICE’S HOLIDAYS – Rev. Alice will be on vacation from July 4th – August 4th, however, she will be available for emergencies by phoning the church office 622-1598 or 626-2618. Let us pray that Rev. Alice would enjoy her vacation time; that she is able to unwind, relax and recharge. May she return feeling rested and energized!

Our Community News

The 64th Miramichi Folksong Festival is scheduled for August 1st to August 6th. Tickets now on sale at Brookdale Flower Shop, Pay Pal, or by phoning 622-1780. For tickets to Live Stream go to
Pre-festival take-out Cold plate Saturday July 31st; tickets by reservation only by phoning 622-1780 Pickup between 3 to 5pm.