St. James & St. John United Church

January 10, 2021





God is not hidden but all around us, patiently waiting for us to accept
His invitation to dwell in us through Christ.
Thanks be to God for He loves us and His deepest desire is to be
with us.
God can be found, God can be discovered by looking in the eyes of
Thanks be to God for Jesus is the unseen but recognisable truth,
revealed to all who searches for Him.
Christ is manifested by the authority of the Gospel, for all those who are
looking for meaning in life.
Thanks be to God for He revealed the truth about Christ not to the
wise and the intelligent but to the simple and willing in heart.
Blessed is the one who calls Jesus the Lord for He is the way the truth
and the life.
Thanks be to Christ for He lived, suffered and died.
But He rose from the dead to save us and give us new life.

Thank You, Jesus, that every time we read Your holy word and meditate on Your love, You reveal yourself to us. Thank You, Christ, that You are so eager to spend time with us and to renew us. Forgive us Jesus because You are not the only voice we follow and listen to. Forgive us that we are so easily mislead by ideas we know to be wrong but we follow them anyway. Help us not to be the kind of people who know the truth and see Your identity, but still respectfully rejects it. Help us with our indifference. Help us with our weakness not just to see who You really are but to act on it in worship and obedience. Amen


MESSAGE ‘Identity of Christ’



Loving Christ, You are the author and finisher of our faith. Thank You that we can see You; that we can know You for who You really are. Bless us with Your holy personality not to act on our sinful nature. Bless us with Your character that has been revealed to us, that is always patient, loving and obedient. In Jesus name. Amen.


CLOSING HYMN “As With Gladness Men of Old”

What’s Up at St. James & St. John?

CHURCH COUNCIL – The church council meeting scheduled for this past Thursday has been postponed with hopes that it will be re-scheduled within the next couple of weeks. An email will be sent to members advising of the meeting date.

CHURCH COUNCIL TEAM REPORTS – Please note the Church Council team reports were due on Friday, January 8th; if you have not yet submitted your report, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you.

CONGREGATIONAL SINGING – As New Brunswick has been placed in the Orange Level, congregational singing is not permitted. We will do our best to provide music for our worship services in the church and online.

GREETERS – We are seeking greeters for our Sunday Worship services; please call the church office if you are able to assist
622-1598. Thank you.