St James and St John United Church

February 21 2021


INTRO Rev. Alice & Gwen Baisley


WELCOME Molly Gallant (Video)

As we travel this Lenten pathway,
we journey together, a community of faith.
As we travel this Way of Jesus, we journey together, but also alone.
Practicing our faith:
living Christ’s call, to love God with all that we are,
to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.
Practicing our faith:
as stewards on the Way.

HYMN “Seek Ye First”
Senior Choir, recorded in 1999
Pianist, Judy Lavigne

OPENING PRAYER Sydney Murray (Video)

New Testament: Matthew 4: 1–11
Megan, Molly & Ava Gallant (Video)


Loving God, we thank you for the journey of our lives,
with its ups and downs, with its questions and challenges,
and with its moments of joy.
We thank you for the beauty around us, for the hills and the trees,
for the water and the weather, for all that reminds us of life,
and life made new.
Today, we are especially thankful for
your presence in these difficult times of pandemic.
Even as we say “Thank you,”
we realize that there is brokenness in us and in our world.
We realize that we have not always lived the love to which you call us.
Sometimes by action or by inaction,
sometimes by just going along with things,
we have broken faith with each other, and with you.
We offer to you, our brokenness, loving God,
not only asking that we would be forgiven,
but that, by your love, we would be made whole,
living in new ways, living out Christ’s love.
Receive the prayers of our hearts, God.
Knowing that we are forgiven, knowing that we are loved,
we turn to the world, to love it into wholeness.
We pray for people living in desert-times in their lives,
people who are facing the Covid virus or death of loved ones,
people who are facing famine, of body or spirit,
people who are tempted to turn away from what is right and just;
and we pray for a world, all creatures, all places, facing destruction.
We remember especially our dear brothers and sisters in our midst
Who are facing cancer and treatments and fear.
We pray for healing and wholeness,
and we ask that we would be a part of the solution,
loving God, turning our prayer from words to actions.
Bless our journey, we pray,
sharing the words that Jesus gave all his disciples. Amen


HYMN “On Eagle’s Wings”

We do not live on bread alone, but by your Word, loving God.
May that Word fill our hearts and our hands,
all that we have, and all that we are,
that it may be a blessing in your world.
In Jesus’ name, we ask it. Amen.


BENEDICTION Sarah Martin (Video)


Positive Thought for the Week
“If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Church News

LENTEN BIBLE STUDY – The Lenten Bible Study will begin this Tuesday, February 23rd, in the church from 7-8 PM. Join us we share in this time of learning and growing together.

SMELT FRY – The Smelt Fry was a huge success, realizing profits of $1648.52! Many thanks to the volunteers who contributed to the success of this fundraiser.

EASTER LOONIE FUNDRAISER – Last April, a cellophane bag was sent home in the Easter newsletter with a note for an Easter Fundraiser. The idea was to put a loonie in the bag every week until this Easter. It’s been a long year and certainly understandable that the Easter bag may have been forgotten. If you have remembered and would like to contribute to the Fundraiser, this is a reminder that you may drop off your bag at the church office, offering plate or mail box at the Church Centre, during the Lenten/Easter season.