St James and St John United Church
April 17 2022


Worship Intro

Greetings & Welcome

Easter Introit

Call to Worship
Out of the darkness of grief and despair
comes a message of hope. Christ is risen!
Christ is risen, indeed!
We run to the tomb to see for ourselves;
and it is true, Christ is risen!
Christ is risen, indeed!
We hear a voice call our name,
and we know our risen Lord
is with us now and always.
Christ is risen; Christ is risen, indeed!
Thanks be to God. Amen.

Opening Hymn
“Jesus Christ is Risen Today!”

Opening Prayer
Loving, Powerful God,
joy floods over our souls on this day!
Christ is risen! Fear is vanquished!
Open our hearts and our spirits to receive fully the joy
which has been given for us!
Let us celebrate the victory of Christ
and the hope for the future! Amen.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion

Pastoral Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, on this Resurrection Sunday,
we recognize that there is no gift we can offer
that would adequately return the act of love
You have shown us through the events of Good Friday.
All we can do is humbly present these offerings to You,
with hearts of thankfulness for Your supreme sacrifice.
Help us to live everyday in the gladness
and grace of Easter Sunday,
striving to love all whom we meet, as You love us,
spreading Your good news to all the world. Amen.

Special Easter Presentation
“The First Estate – Hailing a Hero”

Closing Hymn
“Christ Arose”




Music Ministry Nancy Russell & Kimberley
Greeter Kirby Matchett
Counters Carl & Alice Farris
Sound Tec David Watling

Our Church News

CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING – The Church Council’s monthly meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, April 21st. Teams meet at 7 PM, followed by the Council Meeting.

CHILI SUPPER – The Chili Supper that was postponed will be held this Saturday, April 23rd, from 4-5 PM. There are still some tickets available at the Church Office.

FOOD BANK – As the restrictions are being lifted, we would like to encourage members of the congregation to resume their donations to the Food Bank. You may place your items on any Sunday, in the baskets located on either side of the entrance into the sanctuary. Thank you for your continued support – The Outreach Team.