“….if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.”
(1 Corinthians 15:14)

What is Easter? What is the importance of Easter?

For Christians, it is the central event in the life of the Church. For us, there is nothing more important than the sacrificial death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God! Without this historical event, the Christian faith is useless, our effort to do ‘good’ is in vain; our longing for God is merely wishful thinking. Thanks to God, that this is not the case. The resurrection was real and it still has and will have its power for us and foolishness for everyone else.

The stone was rolled away; Jesus came back from death so the stone can be rolled away for us as well, if we wait faithfully. Two thousand years has gone since the first Easter and we still celebrate and remember it because this event is not only our hope, but essentially it is our future.

We’ve been in Canada for thirteen years now, but we got the call to come fifteen years ago. I can’t say I was happy about that call in the first case but after surrender, God also managed us to long for this new ministry. During those years of waiting for the green light, very often my family stood behind our church building in Hungary. There we stared into the beautiful vistas wondering; one day this moment would be past tense and we will recall how we longed and hoped for the future. Isn’t that the case with us Christians as well? As we get older, way too often we are wondering; ‘one day this moment will be past tense and we will join God and all the saints’. The only difference perhaps is that we will not recall these moments of waiting. Who will care for pain, doubt, and ache anymore in the House of the Lord?!

I wish you a joyful celebration of the victory over death and of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in 2017 too.

Reverend Alice Szemok