Prayer Request: As a community of faith it is important to pray for one another, ourselves and the world around us. It may be comforting for the individual to share their concerns.  If you have a prayer request you will have one, two or all three options to choose from:

1) the minister alone will pray

2) the minister and prayer chain will pray

3) the minister, prayer chain and congregation will pray.

Simply fill out the Prayer Chain Request Card located in the rack or table at the front entrance and place it on the offering plate.  If you choose to have your prayer request read during the worship service, it will be read in church the following Sunday.

Prayer Chain: We are seeking dedicated individuals willing to pray for others in a confidential manner.  Interested persons are asked to meet on Tuesday, September 12 at 6:00 pm in the lounge. Please note the prayer chain will not require ongoing meetings; this is a one- meeting meant to organize and set up the Prayer Chain.