Our drama troupe, the St. J & J Players, is a vibrant group of actors, comprised of members of the congregation and friends within the community. This troupe has been offering theatre productions in a wide variety of genera’s including three act comedies to full length musicals, the more serious faith inspired scripts to all out hysterical laughter.
In 1997, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, a Broadway style musical, was the first of three musicals staged by the troupe; “Four Tickets to Christmas” and “The Christmas Post” followed within the next few years.
In recent years the group has turned to comedy presentations in the form of dessert theatres, to the delight of theatre goers; they get to have their cake and eat it too so to speak. “Christmas at Miss Rose’s”, “Wedding at Miss Roses”, “Halfway House Miramichi”, and “Lost at Sea” are just a few of the comedies this team has presented over the years.
To date, there are no immediate shows on the horizon, with the exception of the Good Friday Dramatic presentation, “The Way of the Cross”.
Stay tuned for the next dessert theater comedy; the all new “Maple-ton Die-nasty” is currently in the writing stages.