Flirting with God– Part 2


“Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” / Luke 18:18

rev_gazaIn childhood, we lived in a special universe called “my-world”; and this universe had a special centre called “ME”. Everything and everybody was revolving around this special centre, and we, as children, did our best to maintain order, harmony, and to meet every need of “ME”.

All of us grew up, and many of us found very-very difficult to leave this special universe, so quite a few of us stayed there…

To become a Christian means that we enter a new universe which is Christ-centred. We feel, we sense, that here the rules are different, — but how? And to what extent? Which rules of the old world can stay and which ones must go? — I believe these are very important questions of our new life and new identity in Christ… but the proper answer would require at least a sermon series…

A prayer from one of my teachers and spiritual leaders, Tom Grady, was an important turning point in my life when I was struggling with these questions.

Christ makes me acceptable. I yield myself to Christ for obedience and I choose to live a life which glorifies You. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for delivering me from life adamant and placing me in Christ Jesus. I confess that I have been self-centred and I have been struggling to live a Christian life out of my own resources. I admit that I have been trying to get my needs met through people, achievements and possessions. I give up on my self-sufficiency, and hereby I commit my life unconditionally to Your hands.

I give up all my rights and expectations and give You permission to make me the kind of person You want me to be. I believe Your Word that I have been crucified with Christ, then buried, and I have been raised with Him to the newness of life.

I choose as an act of my will that Christ is my life, my power, and my identity. I thank you that my identification with