WEEKLY OFFERING – Thank you to everyone who has continued to support our church by continuing to send in their weekly offering as well as the Easter and Lenten offerings, using the secure mail box located by the doors at the church center. We are also receiving e-transfers, another quick and easy way to ensure your money gets to the church. Thank you to all those who are using our Pre-authorized remittance program, PAR. This is an efficient way to guarantee your offering makes its way to the church. For more information or questions on how you can sign up for PAR, please contact the church office.

CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING – The Chair of Church council Stan Knowles is calling a video conferring meeting using the program Zoom. Stan will be meeting with the chair of each of the council teams and will take place on May 20th at 10 am.

BIBLE STUDY – A new bible study entitled the “Alpha Program” will begin this Tuesday, April 21st at 7 PM. This is an excellent study which involves a 20-25 minute video with presenter, Nicki Gumbel. We encourage everyone to join us for this study; now more than ever we need to hear positive and uplifting words of encouragement to see us through this pandemic. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this Godly inspired study. Please note that if you are unable to not make the study this week or if you miss a week, please feel free to join us when you are able.

CHURCH ON FACEBOOK – For those of you who are following the services on the website, and may not know that the church has a Facebook page as well. Simply search on the Facebook page for “St. James & St. John United Church” and then ‘like’ and you will start following us to receive services and news and events.
COFFEE AND CHAT – We meet for coffee and chat every Thursday from 12 – 1 PM, using the Zoom program. To sign up go to your search engine address bar and type in or copy and paste https://zoom.us/meetings Follow the instructions and you’re all set up. You will find the meeting invitation on the Facebook page with the meeting ID and password every Thursday morning.

FATAL CARNIVAL” DESSERT THEATER – As you know the Dessert theater has been cancelled. We will be presenting another dessert theater for Christmas. We would encourage you to hold onto your tickets and exchange them for the tickets for this production when they become available. We are not offering refunds for tickets already purchased due to the ‘stay at home’ policy. When the restriction has been lifted, you may bring your tickets to the center for a refund. Thank you.

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS – The foodbank is in need of donations. When dropping off your items, please ring the bell by the door located to the side of the building. They will receive donations Monday – Friday between 9-3 PM