Dear brothers and sisters,

St. James & St. John United Church and Maple Glan United Church is going to suspend worship services and other church gatherings for the next few weeks in order to minimize the transmission of the virus. 

In times of crisis we usually gather to face chaos and fear together but this time this is exactly what we can’t do. We know that coming together is normally our strength but now it could actually put us at risk. Cancelling our church services along with other activities and events is our precautionary approach to protect your health and our communities. It seems God is teaching us a new way of loving our neighbours by protecting our neighbours.

But do not be discouraged; you don’t need to face this time alone. In order to reach out to one another we are going to offer you electronic ways of social support and hope. We are working on other ways of connecting by using the amazing electronic tools we have these days.
We are going to continue our Daily Devotional (you may sign up on our website), and the Bible Study and Thursday Prayer Coffee gathering we will do online.

Instead of Sunday Worship Service I am offering a recorded message which will be available on Sunday morning both on our website and Facebook page at 10 am.

Stay tuned and check our messages regularly.
Rev. Alice